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Find out about GOV.UK, including the use of cookies, accessibility of the site, the privacy policy and terms and conditions of use.

  • About GOV.UK

    Information about the website and the team that are building it

  • Accessibility

    Details of accessibility and help using the internet

  • Beta services on GOV.UK

    curly lace wigsHow new services are developed on GOV.UK and what it means for users

  • Browsers

    Information about browsers and how to upgrade yours

  • Cookies

    curly lace wigsHow cookies are used on GOV.UK and each cookie’s purpose

  • GOV.UK email notifications

    How to create a GOV.UK email notification account and update your subscription preferences

  • Privacy policy

    GOV.UK’s approach to users’ privacy

  • Reuse GOV.UK content

    How to reuse GOV.UK content through APIs and site scraping

  • Terms and conditions

    Information about the use of GOV.UK and liability