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curly lace wigsCompetition and Markets Authority (CMA)

  1. Accepting returns and giving refunds: the law

    curly lace wigsWhen you do and don’t have to offer a refund, repair or replacement, unconditional refunds for online purchases, and penalties for deceiving customers

  2. Marketing and advertising: the law

    If you're advertising or marketing, including direct marketing, you must be accurate and honest and follow the advertising codes of practice

  3. Avoid and report anti-competitive activity

    curly lace wigsUnderstand and avoid all types of anti-competitive and cartel activity including price-fixing, collusion, bid-ridding and sharing markets.

  4. Avoid unfair terms in sales contracts

    curly lace wigsRules on consumer and business sales contracts under the Unfair Contract Terms Act and Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations

  5. Merger notice forms

    curly lace wigsForms for businesses to use to notify the CMA of an anticipated or completed merger.

  6. Mergers: when they will be investigated

    curly lace wigsThe Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) may investigate a merger between your business and another to make sure it’s fair

  7. Undertakings in lieu of reference form

    Remedies form to be completed by merger parties for the offering of undertakings in lieu of reference.

  8. PPI compliance reporting template

    Template for use by PPI providers to submit annual Payment Protection Insurance Order 2011 compliance reports to the CMA.

  9. Groceries – Controlled Land: notification form

    This form can be used by large grocery retailers to notify the Competition and Markets Authority about store acquisitions.

  10. SME banking audit reporting template and guidance

    A template for banks that provide SME banking annual audit reports to the CMA.

  11. Private motor insurers and brokers: compliance reporting form

    Private motor insurance (PMI) providers and brokers must submit a compliance report to the CMA by 1 February each year.